Self Salon

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Self Salon Brooklyn is a boutique hair salon located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York City.  One of the main challenges for a small business is that if they do not have an IT person, they are often daunted by the many web services and solutions. Most rely on a web master to design and update their website. Often, a client will come to me because of a problem with their web master. The solution is to find a back end solution that meets the current standards, and is relatively easy to use with good customer support for the product. The ultimate goal is to design a situation so the client can control and manage the website without the need for a web master.

Find an appropriate website solution. Design and implement the website using the existing material, train client on how to use the content management system. The client can now maintain the website on their own. Should the client need further support, we are available for support as needed or the client can venture on their own with the support of the website/hosting company.


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